NC has history of association with BJP: Azad

May 11, 2024
NC has history of association with BJP: Azad
NC has history of association with BJP: Azad

‘I didn’t loot people, my track record is clear’
Srinagar May 11: Chairman DPAP vehemently denounced NC leaders, asserting his commitment to serving the people without seeking favors from any quarters. While addressing the crowd at brein, Nishat and Ganderbal emphasized his dedication to the welfare of the people, devoid of exploiting them for electoral gains. Addressing accusations of affiliation with BJP, Chairman DPAP pointedly remarked that those who hurl such accusations should introspect, as they themselves have a history of association with BJP. He urged them to scrutinize their own backgrounds, highlighting their past alliances with BJP while paradoxically claiming to be its critics. He questioned the track record of NC leaders in Ganderbal, noting the district’s rejection of their leadership. Despite being entrusted with the responsibility, they failed to deliver tangible benefits to the people. He lamented their propensity for empty promises and slogans, contrasting their rhetoric with the stark reality of their inaction. Azad said, ‘It was me who gave district status to Ganderbal; NC leaders only fooled people with the slogans of autonomy.’ He further said ‘I swear on God I have not taken any favor from the present government, neither money. In fact, I didn’t do any scam and looted people. My track record is clear; no one can accuse me of corruption or any other wrongdoing. I work on merit, and if people support me, I will show them results in just six months.’ He outlined his agenda, stating, We have to build more colleges, schools, universities, and roads, even more districts. This is my only agenda. Azad expressed dismay at the lack of tangible development on the ground by parties that have historically exploited the people. He urged the public to reject such parties and instead vote for those committed to genuine progress and development. He lamented the absence of development initiatives undertaken by these parties. He recounted the overwhelming response he has received, noting its uniqueness compared to his experience in Congress. He highlighted his efforts to reach out to areas like downtown, Eidgah, Nishat, and Ganderbal, which have long been neglected. He pointed out the decline of once-strongholds of certain parties, attributing it to their failure to deliver on promises and serve the people effectively. Azad criticised the misuse of draconian laws like the Public Safety Act (PSA) by certain parties, highlighting their track record of injustice and oppression. He urged the public to reject such practices, he reiterated his commitment to ensuring that no innocent individual is unfairly treated or detained without proper evidence. Expressing concern over the plight of highly educated yet unemployed youth, he vowed to prioritize job creation for locals to prevent them from facing stiff competition from candidates outside the region. He affirmed his government’s dedication to ensuring that opportunities for progress and prosperity are accessible to all, particularly the youth. Among others who were present on the occassion were Amir Bhatt Lok Sabha candidate, Salman Nizami Chief Spokesperson, Peer Bilal Zonal President, Jin Kaiser Distt President Ganderbal.(KNS)

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