Female Nursing Staff Stages protest at SKIMS against Three-Tier Shift System

Female Nursing Staff Stages protest at SKIMS against Three-Tier Shift System

Blames institute of Risking their Chastity

Srinagar, Oct 5: A group of Female Nursing Staff staged a strong protest here at Press Colony Srinagar against the newly introduced three-tier shift system.
One of the protestors Naseema said, “We worked tirelessly during the COVID pandemic but still the institute has put our lives in danger as we reach home when everybody has slept and we aren’t able to see even the faces our family members” she rued.
She added that at the time when all the hospitals across the Kashmir follow two tier-shift system, “why the Skims is reluctant to adopt three-tier system? She questioned.
While as another angry protestor Lubna said, “We aren’t safe in three-tier system, we met medical superintendent but he refused any help”
While as she added that when they took the issue with Director SKIMS, He threatened them with Suspension and termination order.
Meanwhile angrily protestor cried that they always risked the life by treating the patients, she added that they have already risked their health by treating COVID patients closely with any proper types of equipment but they can’t risk their chastity.
When the CNS contacted the Medical Superintendent Skims, Soura Dr. Farooq Jan, he said, “three-tier shift system is beneficial for the patients as it keeps the staff fresh and rejuvenated for the work, only two back years, the institute stopped the three-tier shift system but we now the advising committee has decided to go ahead once again with the same system as it is beneficial and more caring for the patients”
More ever he added that it is based on the proper protocol and feedback mechanism of the patients. He also mentioned that the institute has kept the transport system available for the nurses but he admitted that they can’t drop at doorstep due to the narrow lanes. (CNS)


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