Building Bridges with BooksParraypora’s Educational Odyssey

January 12, 2024
Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir organizes Day Long event in connection with the 21st of Ramadan in Badran Budgam.

Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon

In the modern era, despite the plethora of available resources, the everlasting importance of books continues to grow. Books serve as gateways to imagination, with each reader living a thousand lives before their own ends. The world belongs to those who read, and books are rightly called the “WORLD OF WONDERS.”
Educational Void in Parraypora
Nestled near the Indira Gandhi Road and housing a bustling airport, Parraypora, Kashmir, thrives as a vibrant educational hub. However, a crucial need emerges—a public library to enrich the educational landscape of this region. Despite the presence of coaching centers and academic activities, a noticeable void exists, emphasizing the immediate need for a public library.
Parraypora, known for its vibrant educational atmosphere, sees students immersing themselves in various subjects through coaching centers and educational initiatives. However, the absence of a public library creates a gap in the learning ecosystem. Students, despite their dedication to studies, face challenges in accessing diverse resources beyond their specific courses.
The Role of a Public Library
A public library stands as a beacon of knowledge, providing students with a diverse range of books and materials relevant to their academic pursuits. It serves as a communal space where individuals can broaden their horizons, explore new subjects, and engage in self-directed learning. Furthermore, a public library acts as a unifying force, fostering a sense of community and shared intellectual growth.
The urgency for government intervention is evident. By designating suitable land for a public library in Parraypora, the authorities can significantly contribute to the educational infrastructure of the area. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for accessible learning resources but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning and intellectual development.
A Dynamic Hub for Educational Activities
A public library in Parraypora would not only serve as a repository of knowledge but also as a dynamic hub for educational activities. It can host workshops, seminars, and community events, creating a space where students and residents can engage in intellectual discourse and collaborative learning.
Investment in Education for Generations to Come
In conclusion, Parraypora and its adjoining areas, with their rich educational landscape, are primed for the establishment of a public library. This endeavor requires proactive government measures, including the identification and allocation of suitable land. Such an investment in education will undoubtedly contribute to the academic success and intellectual vibrancy of the community, ensuring that Parraypora remains a beacon of learning for generations to come.
The Transformative Power of Books
Reading transports individuals to imaginary places, ignites curiosity, and expands perspectives. A voracious reader values books over anything else, considering them as treasures that unlock knowledge and information. Books are not merely possessions; they are sources of happiness.
Each book is a magical box, offering a journey to discover treasures of knowledge. They illuminate the human conscience, act as companions in loneliness, and serve as healers of anxiety. The importance of books is deeply rooted in various aspects of life. The Qur’an itself introduces as “Al-Kitab,” highlighting the significance of awareness towards knowledge.
Global Perspective on Reading and Knowledge
Research indicates that engaging in intellectual activities like reading contributes to lower rates of mental decline in old age, emphasizing the enduring impact of books on cognitive well-being. Despite the global importance of books, it is noteworthy that Islamic countries are absent from the top-selling nations, signaling a need for a renewed focus on knowledge and literature.
In conclusion, books, with their transformative power, play a crucial role in shaping individuals, communities, and nations, making them indispensable in the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. As John Piper aptly puts it, “Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.” The call for a public library in Parraypora echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the transformative potential of literature in building bridges and fostering an educational odyssey in the heart of Kashmir.

The Author is a Motivational Speaker/ Weekly ‘Education Quill’ Associate Editor Working as Sr. Edp head at DD Target PMT Kashmir the Reputed institute For Medical/JEE /Foundation, coaching classes and can be reached at
Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon is a distinguished Educational Columnist, and can be reached

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Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir organizes Day Long event in connection with the 21st of Ramadan in Badran Budgam.
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