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Child Centerd Approaches

   59 Views  |     |   Monday, March, 27, 2023

Child Centerd Approaches

Malik Manzoor


Children are mischievous by nature and naughtiness is not a jinx. It is a trait that every child is born with. It is also an indication of good health. It is better to understand and evaluate tastes and ambitions of children.Parents should refrain from preventing children from doing playful activities. Children love freedom and activities. They should be allowed to play under proper rules. Parents must be patient while dealing with their children. They should also play with them. Childhood is a stage of exploration and experimentation. So children try to explore newer ideas by indulging in numerous activities. Sometimes they break a precious thing accidentally. The incident humiliates them and the next time they try to handle such things carefully. According to Naturalism, a child should be allowed to do experiments even though he should be allowed to feel the heat of the fire. Experimental outcomes have long-lasting effects. It is concrete learning that becomes part of life. Tolerance and patience are two key elements to deal with children.
Children Management is not an easy job. It is a tough job that demands patience. In winter it is tougher than in the Summer because in summer Schools are open and teachers know the art of children’s management. This winter parents have to face them because there will be no tuition. Children are very inquisitive and naughty. You can’t suppress their curiosity and lower their energy levels by scolding them and beating them. If you succeed in doing so then you should be able to understand that you have intimidated them and surely fear retards their mental as well as physical growth. The behavior and temperament of such children shows an erratic change . The brightness and glow of the face fade away.
Abusing is never a beneficial process.
Some suggestions to handle children in winter are; Don’t embarrass them in front of guests. Doing so adds oil to the fire. In the technological era children can not be kept away from electronic gimmicks. Children are smarter than their parents, so they learn the use of smartphones more easily than them. It seems as if technology is already installed in their brains and they use it in a better way. So let your children use mobile phones and laptops with some precautions. Games are now a part of our lives. Children have to learn and play with them. It is necessary to let children watch Tv. Programs and operating laptops. There are many software and online sites that make learning easy and attractive. PSCHOOL. IN, is one of the sites that is beneficial for children. Let them enjoy learning by using this address on Google.
Play with your children in winter. Be friendly with them. Give them proper attention and talk to them in a soft tune. Make a timetable in which everything like study time, Funtime, mealtime, and games time should be mentioned. Praise your children. If you don’t praise them they will not like good things. Trust your children because trust prevents cheating. If you don’t trust them they will play truancy. Don’t criticize your children because it discourages them and makes them shy. Use consistent, rational consequences. Kids need to know what to expect when they don’t listen. Listen to your child’s feelings and ask them kindly rather than in anger about what’s going on. Acknowledge their side, and you can still follow through with a consequence.
According to Good Parenting, it is important to:
Set boundaries for your children.
Do not always be harsh with children, but sometimes sit next to them and mildly talk to them.
Psychologists suggest that parents should accept every attitude of their children. They should accept not only good moods but also bad moods.
The parental mistake is that parents want their children to be extremely happy all the time.
It’s like they love them too much to never see them down. So they say to them: ‘Don’t be sad.’
Parents must allow them to have all kinds of moods while always being with them.
Parents must acknowledge all children’s emotions so that children are no longer frustrated when they are sad or angry
It is necessary to break the habit of obeying children for fear of their bad mood.
Remember that children are a reflection of parents. They generally copy their behavior at home. Therefore, if parents want
Their children adopt good habits and manners, they have to make the home environment good and change themselves.
Make children independent, and make them used to doing small and big tasks. Do not keep them sitting on your head all the time, but get them used to small household chores from the beginning.
Get their help to do chores with you so that you can have some time for yourself.
Give them freedom of expression so that they can talk about any matter if they want to talk. Let children flourish in a way they live to flourish.
Malik Manzoor
Qusba khull Kulgam


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