Tips to Avoid Motor Insurance Claim Rejection

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India, May 13 — Whether you are buying a car or bike, it is crucial to get car and two wheeler insurance to drive legally on Indian roads. If you are found driving without a valid motor insurance policy, you may face legal consequences and pay hefty fines. In order to avoid getting into such legal trouble, buying a bike and car insurance policy as is better. Moreover, there are several ways in which you can reduce the chances of getting a bike or car insurance online claim rejected on your end. Read on to learn tips on how to avoid motor insurance claim rejection.

Common Reasons for Motor Insurance Claim Rejection

Some of the common reasons for the rejection of car and bike insurance plans are as follows:

Driving Without a Valid Driving License: If you are found driving with an expired or invalid driving license, then there is a high chance that your claim will get rejected. So, if your driving license has expired, renew it before you set out to drive on the Indian road.

Keeping the Insurer Uninformed: If your car or bike has been damaged in an accident and you fail to inform the insurance company, then it is highly likely that the insurer will reject your claim request. If you inform the insurer after getting the vehicle repaired, then it becomes difficult for the insurer to track the repair. So, it is better to inform the insurance company beforehand and take advantage of vehicle insurance claim.

Failing to Pay the Premium On Time: To ensure that your motor insurance claim is not rejected, you should pay the premiums on time. When you pay the premium timely, the policy will remain active, and the chances of getting the claim request rejected will be reduced.

Using Private Vehicle for Commercial Reasons: If you have been using a private vehicle for commercial purposes and raise a claim for this, then the insurance company will straightaway reject the claim request.

Giving Incorrect Information: There are times when the policyholder provides incorrect information when buying the policy in order to pay lesser premiums. If the insurer finds out about the same during the time of claim settlement, then they may reject the car/bike insurance claim.

Violating Traffic Rules: Specific traffic rules and regulations need to be followed no matter what. If you raise a claim and are found that you have violated the traffic rules during the time of the accident, then the claim request will not be accepted. For example, if you raise a claim for an accident during which you were driving under the consumption of alcohol, then your claim will be denied.

Tips to Avoid Motor Insurance Claim Rejection

Whether you have a comprehensive insurance or any other type of motor insurance, there are a number of ways in which you can reduce the chances of claim rejection. Listed below are some of these tips:

The first and most important thing is to inform the insurance company as soon as the accident occurs. You can do so through email, phone, or by directly visiting the insurer’s office.

You must also file an FIR and report about the accident for a seamless claim settlement process.

Ensure to provide all the documents to the insurer so there are no chances of claim rejection.

Make sure to have a proof of the total damages to provide to the insurer during claim settlement. You can ideally click pictures of the damaged parts and the share the same with the insurer for reference.

Do not send the vehicle for repair without informing the insurer. This is because for claim settlement, the insurer sends a surveyor to assess the total damage and prepare an repair cost estimate.

Before raising any claim request, make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the policy terms and conditions. This will help you understand instances when a claim request cannot be raised.

Take Away

So, make sure to adhere to these tips to avoid the chances of claim rejection. Moreover, you should avoid raising claims for minor damages so that the No Claim Bonus benefit remains intact and you get discounts on motor insurance premiums.

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