Afreen Barkat Receives Mithila Global Award 2023

December 22, 2023
Afreen Barkat Receives Mithila Global Award 2023
Afreen Barkat Receives Mithila Global Award 2023

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Resplendent celebrations marked the seventh anniversary of the Ayachi Nagar Youth Organization, where luminaries from across 10 states congregated at the illustrious Shanti Kunj Auditorium Hall in the heart of Sarisab-Pahi Bhattpur. Gathered in unison were social visionaries, educationists, health advocates, and entrepreneurial minds, all gracing the occasion with their presence. Amidst this symphony of fervor and commitment, the prestigious Mithila Global Award 2023 adorned the achievements of twenty exceptional individuals.
At the helm of this commemoration stood the indomitable Vicky Mandal, the visionary founder of this esteemed organization. Dr. Colonel SK Jha, a guiding force in his own right, presided over the proceedings, gracing the event with his wisdom and mentorship. A cadre of esteemed guests—Madan Jha, Uday Kumar Jha, Rajdev Raman, MB Jaman, Rajesh Mishra, and Raj Jha—added their luster to the affair, embracing the revered Mithila tradition of honoring guests._


Amidst the glittering accolades and profound acknowledgments, the spotlight shone brightly upon Afreen Barkat, a beacon of selfless service hailing from the quaint streets of Alamgari Bazar in Srinagar. Her unwavering dedication to various Non-Governmental Organizations, coupled with her active involvement in the National Service Scheme at S.P College, earned her the well-deserved distinction.
At the heart of her pursuits lies an unwavering commitment to societal betterment. Juggling the rigors of academia—currently pursuing a Master’s in Botany at Sri Pratap College—Afreen stands tall as the President of the ‘Live for Others Being Helpful Foundation,’ a beacon of hope and change. Her domains encompass the realms of Menstrual Hygiene, Education, Youth Development, and holistic societal upliftment.
In the words of Vicky Mandal, the luminary leading this charge for recognition, “In a world where few extend their hands for others, we honor those whose altruism ignites hope. It’s this reverence that propels individuals to strive for greater good.” For three years running, this organization has diligently identified and celebrated such paragons of selflessness.
Afreen Barkat’s recognition was not merely a token of appreciation; it was a testament to her unyielding dedication and tireless efforts in sculpting a better tomorrow.
Nida e Kashmir is a hub of resilience and altruism, fostering beacons of change like Afreen Barkat, shaping a brighter path for the valley and beyond.

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