Parvez Maanous:A Maestro of Multilingual Literature

December 22, 2023
Parvez Maanous:A Maestro of Multilingual Literature
Parvez Maanous:A Maestro of Multilingual Literature

By Sadaqat Malik

Amidst the vivid cultural mosaic of Jammu and Kashmir, one luminary stands tall—Parvez Maanous, a literary virtuoso whose inked verses and prose paint a portrait of linguistic richness and creative profundity. Born on March 6, 1966, into the nurturing embrace of Poonch, India, Maanous embarked on a poetic odyssey that spans the ethereal realms of Urdu, Pahari, Gojri, and Kashmiri.
A maestro wielding the quill like a maestro’s baton, Maanous carved his literary path in 1985, traversing the landscape of Urdu poetry with the mesmerizing debut, “Beetain Lamhoon Ki Saugaten.” This was a prelude to his symphony of literary works—a melange of poetic opuses like “Mausam Udaan Ka” and evocative short stories encapsulated in “Shikare Ki Maut.”
His creative conquests didn’t confine themselves to a singular language; they blossomed into a multilingual garden, embracing Pahari tales and children’s literature, epitomized in the enchanting “Chan Maama.” The corridors of his mind echoed with myriad linguistic whispers, resonating in each meticulously crafted piece.
Beyond his own literary boundaries, Maanous donned the hat of a translator and compiler, stitching together cultural fabrics through translations like “Sanjha Dard” and offering literary voyages with “Ag Ne Par,” a vibrant tapestry depicting the life of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
The legacy he crafts is not confined to his pen; it spills into editorial sanctums preserving the essence of Pahari heritage with compilations like “Pahari Kabail” and “Kosey Athroon,” safeguarding the rich tapestry of linguistic legacies.
Maanous isn’t just an observer in the literary cosmos; he’s an active participant, adorning literary gatherings, infusing life into writer’s programs, and illuminating the All India Urdu Mushairahs and Pahari Conferences with his presence, bridging divides and fostering literary communion.
The accolades bestowed upon him—State Academy Best Book Award, Best Translation Award, and the illustrious National Human Rights Award—mirror not only his literary brilliance but also his commitment to societal discourse beyond the confines of prose and poetry.
Parvez Maanous isn’t merely an author or poet; he embodies the essence of cultural preservation and celebration. His pen, a wand of linguistic harmony, dances across pages, crafting narratives that resonate, transcend, and leave an indelible impression upon the soul of literature.
His journey stands as a testament to creativity’s boundless domain, linguistic prowess, and a steadfast dedication to fostering literary symbiosis, inspiring burgeoning talents to embrace the kaleidoscopic world of letters with ardor and passion.
The Author is an Assistant Professor hails from Environmental Park Batra Road Jammu J&K and can be reached at

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