Dr Shaida : A doctor of physique and The Poet of hope

November 1, 2023
Dr Shaida : A doctor of physique and The Poet of hope

Dr Shaida’s poetry is a longing for ecstasy and bliss amid the paradox of life.Dr Shaida a physician by profession is the narrator of the psyche of common person sojourning in the annals of conscience and delineating whatever he finds, in a creative style. He looks on the bright as well as the dark side of the life. He rejoices in the light and composes the songs of ecstasy While in dark he longs for light and creates hymns of pray. As prolific poet, he is adept in almost all the genres of kashmiri poetry. He is not only comfortable in writing watchun and gazal but has a masterly hand in the field. His watchun(unpublished yet) having the traditional delicacy and music, has been modernised by him in attending the contemporary themes and the use of new rhymes and meter. Same is true about his Gazal. Not only adhering to the required mastery in composition, he wanders in finding the new themes as well new ways of treatment. He is comfortable in the use of short as well as the long metres but mostly writes in short metres.
While reading his Naat, a reader feels that the words have not been worked but have ascended from somewhere out of meek reverence and the dawn of bliss. His Naati Shariefs are the expressions of the holy love of the beloved prophet SAW. These Naati Sharifs are adhering to the monotheistic philosophy of the religion.
Shaida is known not only as a serious and mainstream poet, he is more known as a poet of humour.
Shaida’s humours poetry gives a timely relief from the hard realities of life. It provides a listener and a reader chance to smile. It is a therapy to the afflicted nerves and a guidance to allay the fears of temporal problems. Shaida as such is a poet of hope and longing. He is very proactive on social media and has attained fruition in the glamour of internet. He is one of the most watched poets on social media.On the basis of the acumen of moderating the Literary programmes, he has become an adept anchor for the face to face and virtual settings.
Sehrawan Subzarich Kal, a multifaceted poetry collection in kashmiri by Dr Shaida Hussain Shaida has been published in 2021. The collection has been very popular in the literary circles as well as among the general readers. He has been awarded Shah Para Maraz for his poetry collection Sehrawan Subzarich Kal in 2022 by the second largest literary organisation of Jammu and Kashmir, Maraz Adbi Sangam.
More than any thing else he is a man of smile. Very humble and without any sort of snobbery on his profession or mastery in literature.He replies with smile whatever is said to him. It is important to mention here that he is son of the noted poet and writer of kashmiri language Gh Mohd Rafique of kulgam district. His father has been awarded for his book Wajoodi Irfan. We wish that Dr Shaida Hussain would continue his work i.e professional and literary. We see him as a doctor of physique and the poet of hope.

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