Adv. Sajid Yousuf Shah Assumes Charge at Party Headquarters as BJP Media Incharge Kashmir .

Srinagar, 27th Oct 2023 – In a significant development for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kashmir, Adv Sajid Yousuf Shah officially assumed his role as the BJP Media Incharge for the region.

The ceremony took place today at the BJP Party headquarters located in Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar. This momentous occasion was marked by the presence of the esteemed BJP General Secretary (Org), Shri Ashok Koul who joined the event to extend their support and best wishes to the new appointee.

Furthermore, the day saw the appointment of several other key figures within the party’s media and IT cell operations. Er. Sahil Bashir Bhat stepped into his role as the Social Media Incharge Kashmir, while Adv.

Sheikh Salman assumed his responsibilities as the BJP IT Cell Incharge Kashmir. These appointments were conducted in the distinguished presence of Bjp General Secretary

(Org) Shri Ashok Koul and the honorable Senior BJP Leader and Minister of State, Dr. Darakshan Andrabi at S1 Church Lane Srinagar.

This strategic reshuffling and strengthening of the BJP’s media and IT cell leadership in Kashmir reflects the party’s commitment to expanding its presence and outreach in the region.

The newly appointed officials bring a wealth of experience and dedication to their respective roles, and their contributions are expected to play a pivotal role in the party’s continued growth and success.

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