Elect your representatives wisely & honestly To save and benifit yourself & your country

November 25, 2023

[ Kundan Kashmiri]

It is established fact that the people of present times of our country have come out of old mindsets of imperialism, and colonialism as our today,s nation belong to everyone irrespective of caste , creed communal, sexual and cultural orientation and choice and every one is living in a age of transformation.
. After independence our democratic system of governance gave us various fundamental rights of which all citizens of the country have to be much aware and serious about these rights as well as understand their duties…Our country India is our home, hence all citizens are responsible and have a role to play for it’s development , peace and prosperity.
In our democratic country every citizen who is 18 years old has a right to vote, whether he is literate or illiterate,rich or poor, male or female.. They have right to elect the representatives in Parliament and in state assemblies to run the Governments and to take nation and States forward.
Therefore, it is our first and foremost duty to choose the right representatives, right leaders and right governments. Unless we won’t be able to elect the capable ,honest representatives for Assemblies of states and Parliament of the country,we will not be able to contribute to the development of the state and the country..
As we know even after seventy five years of independence and democratic system of government we can’t get jobs, food, and shelter easily in our country,because of corrupt politicians, their wrong policies and their money mind, less patience and selfish ends..So, we need such politicians, representatives and national leaders who would listen and understand problems being faced by the people at the gross root level.
What makes very dangerous for us ,for our democracy and country when we overthrow a bad leader to the power, corrupt representatives to represent as we have large experience of previous manipulative and self serving leaders and representatives who used their huge amount of power for corrupt practices and activities against the interests of Nation.The Policies were made on papers and stayed on papers . They hardly reached the public in need, but it were we people responsible for electing such self serving and corrupt leaders and representatives in order to give them room to degrad the value of democracy of our nation..
. We all must understand that democracy has enabled us to choose what is right and to root out what is wrong. when we use such supreme vote power in right and honest manner, that would rightly reflect up on us according and will help our nation to develop and grow.
However, . there are so many people in our nation, who are either illiterate or ignorant and really don’t know and understand the power of their vote and meaning of democracy; they play a wider role in electing a Politicians, . So, our educational and social system needs to be strengthened so that everyone in our society is aware about wrong and right.
Apart from that, even after each and everyone being aware of it, what is needed most is our honest attitude towards our country and its people, and then only we can imagine a development, peace and prosperity. But unfortunately most of the people of India are indulged in overlooking the long term or broad viewed benefits of self and country,but favoring the political party’s/persons in elections, who serves their own purpose either directly or indirectly, so we straight away say that voter also misuse their right in choosing their representatives..
Democracy is a gifted choice for people of India because they are having a chance to choose who they want to rule them. But unfortunately, we always failed to choose the correct person as our political leader. Moreover,the leaders also fail to feel their responsibilities about which position they are and how much they need to do for the people.
In our view, the leader must work for the people selflessly and they periodically review what they did and what they will go to do for the people. Further the plans and policies which the government make, never meet the low level people. It will be better that those policies should mainly focused on welfare of very low level-people, because nowadays rich become richer and Poor becomes Poorer.,The Un-understood democracy is such thing which is bringing corruption in India and it is hampering India’s progress. People are unable to cast their votes properly. Money and Muscle power has become the main motive of almost all the political parties who are supporting criminals to win the elections. For them . nation comes second after their own interests.
Secondly, there are so many people in India, who really don’t know the meaning of democracy, yet they play a wide role in electing a wrong politician. So, our education system needs to be strengthened so that at least everyone in our society is aware about right and wrong.
The Democratic government has given people lot of freedom to express their views and even to question their government. In that view through democracy each and every citizen is involved in the administration either directly or indirectly. So people get more concerned about governmental happenings and developments of the country. This is possible only through the democratic form of government. But at the same time, democracy hesitates in imposing serious laws on people which have given them much more freedom. The people use the freedom in wrong way and they even cheat the government. and the nation.So as the famous saying is, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, So we have to introspect here whether the democratic form of government should give more freedom to people who in turn will ruin both the people and the country.
Hence democracy should be maintained with some strict laws and rules and secondly alleviation of Poverty is very important and need of hour, other wise needy and poor would continue to sell their votes to dishonest and corrupt politicians for their long lasting welfare..
At the conclude, I would like say that democracy may not always guarantee the accountability of the elected representatives and leader, who wield power may be corrupt. ,so it is primary duty of the voters to keep track of the activities to those to whom they have given their votes. They must raise their voice against injustice and corruption.. It’s not will of the power house,who are cheating us and is hampering our progress, its lack of education, ignorance, its poverty, its greed, it’s our inability to foresee , inability to think of even our own benefits wisely.and to elect your representatives honestly and wisely as to save and benifit yourself and your nation.
” Elect your representatives honestly and wisely to save and benifit yourself and your country..

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