Commerce and Management Students of GDC Magam embark on an Insightful Industrial Tour

Commerce and Management Students of GDC Magam embark on an Insightful Industrial Tour

A group of enthusiastic learners from Department of Commerce and Department of Management Studies, Government Degree College Magam undertook a comprehensive industrial tour to enrich the academic experience. The tour aimed to expose students to diverse sectors, including dairy farms, automobile workshops, and fish farms, fostering a holistic understanding of business operations. The group was flagged-off by the Principal Government Degree College Magam, Prof. (Dr)Mohammad Hussain Malik.

The students, accompanied by dedicated faculty members from the Department of commerce & Deparment of Management Studies, embarked on a journey that went beyond textbooks and traditional classrooms. The faculty members, in addition to head Department of Commerce Prof. Syed Idrees Ahmad include Dr. Mohmmad Idrees, Dr. Mehraj ud Din and Dr. Naziya Qayoom. The tour began with a visit to local dairy farms, where students witnessed the intricacies of milk production and processing. Engaging with industry professionals, they gained firsthand knowledge of supply chain dynamics and the challenges faced by dairy entrepreneurs.

Next on the agenda was an exploration of automobile workshops, where students delved into the world of automotive repairs, maintenance, and customization. The visit provided insights into the technical aspects of the industry, exposing students to the practical applications of commerce & Management in a field traditionally associated with engineering.

The tour took an aquatic turn with a visit to fish farms, allowing students to comprehend the nuances of aquaculture and the business of fisheries. Interacting with entrepreneurs in this sector provided a unique perspective on the economic and environmental considerations involved in fish farming.

One of the highlights of the tour was the interactive sessions with local entrepreneurs at each stop. Students had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, gaining insights into the challenges and triumphs of establishing and sustaining businesses in different sectors. The entrepreneurs generously shared their experiences, offering valuable advice to the budding commerce & Management professionals.

The presence of departmental faculty members added an extra layer of enrichment to the tour. These educators not only facilitated the logistics of the trip but also actively participated in showcasing the practical implementation of entrepreneurship skills. Their guidance and mentorship contributed to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The industrial tour underscored the commitment of the college to providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond conventional classroom learning. The experience offered students a glimpse into the dynamic world of commerce.& Management, equipping them with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that await them in their future careers.

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