JKSA writes to HM, seek intervention in assault of Kashmiri students

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JKSA writes to HM, seek intervention in assault of Kashmiri students

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Students Association has written to Home Minister Amit Shah, over transfer of Kashmiri students enrolled in various paramedical courses from Desh Bhagat University (DBU) Punjab to Sardar Lal Singh College ‘without their consent.

In a statement, National Convenor of Association Nasir Khuehami sought intervention in a deeply troubling situation affecting the future of Kashmiri students pursuing paramedical courses in Punjab.
In a letter addressed to the Home Minister, the association expresses grave concern and implores immediate action on an issue of paramount importance. The matter revolves around a heart-wrenching situation unfolding at Desh Bhagat University (DBU), Punjab, where approximately 70 Kashmiri students, enrolled in various paramedical courses, have been unilaterally transferred to Sardar Lal Singh College without their consent or will. This unilateral action by the university has been ongoing since last year, placing these young scholars in a precarious position regarding their education and future careers.
Khuehami said that, from Past two For the, nursing students at DBU have been protesting against the University administration’s arbitrary decision to transfer their admissions to a college that lacks approval from the INC (Indian Nursing Council) and PNRC (Punjab Nursing Registration Council). These students’ futures hang in the balance. On 14th September, while peacefully protesting, female students were subjected to a lathi charge and confined within a university building in an attempt to silence their voices against this unjust decision. Their injuries are grave and severe.

Desh Bhagat University’s transfer of approximately 70 Kashmiri students enrolled in various paramedical courses to Sardar Lal Singh College without their consent has left these young scholars in a situation beyond their control. Furthermore, it has come to light that the university admitted a total of 140 students, significantly exceeding the approved intake capacity, which typically ranges from 40 to 60 students. This egregious breach not only violates established norms but also places these aspiring nurses in a precarious position regarding their education and future careers.

Despite assurances from university authorities last year that the issue would be resolved, the students’ predicament has only worsened over time. Currently in their third year of studies, they have been informed by the DBU administration that they must cancel their admissions, leaving them with limited options and a bleak academic future.
Khuehami Urged Home Minister Amit Shah to ensure the preservation of these students’ registrations, allowing them to continue their nursing education without further hindrance. The association seeks a transparent and expeditious investigation into how DBU admitted more students than permitted by the Indian Nursing Council. Holding those responsible accountable for this grievous breach is paramount.

The association appeals to the sense of justice and compassion of Home Minister Amit Shah to assist these students who have been unjustly caught in this predicament. They await his prompt attention to this matter, which would provide much-needed relief to these young minds and ensure that their educational dreams are not shattered.

The association expresses deep disheartenment that, instead of taking appropriate action against those who assaulted Kashmiri students, the Punjab Police has shockingly lodged FIRs against the victims who sustained injuries during this brutality. This alarming turn of events raises serious concerns about the safety of the students and their right to peaceful protest. The association urges immediate attention to this issue to ensure that justice is served and that the victims are not further victimized in Punjab.


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