Koshur : our BELOVED mother tongue

March 8, 2024

Fearing extinction since there are so few speakers of it in our societies

Umar Farooq Bhat

With the impact of westernization and English language we witness influence on us to a tremendous degree out 10 words we say 8 words in English. Be it a call where we start with hi and end with goodbye. Same thing we do in actual gathering while meeting each other eye to eye. We see that one feels obsolete, some way or another timid or embarrassed to talk in their local language.

As of late I was at some barbershop. I discovered some youngster is perched on a seat and stylist was dressing his hair and his dad was giving him directions in English language rather than Kashmiri language. He was requesting that he sit appropriately, don’t look to a great extent. He was by all accounts a decade old. His dad appeared to be exceptionally instructed individual presumably was doing support some place. I felt upset to see him talking in English to his child. I let him know sir I was cautiously watching your discussion. Wasn’t it great that we support our youngsters in Kashmiri language so they foster a friendship for it. Same thing I found occurring in be it market, public vehicle, recreational area all over the place. Words are shared with youngsters as “descend from vehicle”, “clean your nose”, “wash your mouth”, “tie your shoestring” and so forth. It appears individuals have some private enmity with kashmiri language.

We arrange courses, online classes, programs in schools, schools and colleges to safeguard the Kashmiri culture. We likewise see these days things having a place with Kashmiri culture are exhibited on stages which incorporates Shup, Kangir, Tumaknaer, Waguv and so on. It is very obvious work that things having a place with our wonderful past are paid respect. It ought to likewise remember that our kashmiri language is likewise a piece of our way of life. Infact a spine of our way of life. After the 5 minutes play in front of an audience in a kashmiri dress and Kashmiri language individuals again re-establish to stew themselves in westernization. Our methodology towards our language is of a stage mother, it is excessively horrible. In the event that we didn’t made a propensity for communicating in our local language in our regular routines I’m certain in impending decade it might need to endure elimination like different dialects. We have the put down accounts of old civic establishments like Indus valley, Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and so on which is tracked down in overflow. The issue is we miss the mark on speakers who might make us to comprehend what the language composed on walls, rocks, landmarks and so forth discusses. As of late somebody kicked the bucket who was the last speaker of his language and furthermore the last individual of his clan. He was living in Amazon rainforest Brazil. His name was Aura. Like Aura we would rather not be last speakers of our language. We need to put forth attempts to safeguard it. We have kashmiri writing in overflow in libraries of schools, universities and colleges. Crafted by the trailblazers of Kashmiri writing like Abdul Ahad Azad, Dina NathNadim, Rahman Rahi, Prof MarghoobBanihali, Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad Mehjoor and so forth. The issue with us is we don’t have the foggiest idea how to understand them. We can’t go to the profundity and feel their maxims with heart. Around 1500 worldwide dialects are going to confront eradication. I don’t maintain that kashmiri language should confront same destiny. Saying “Be ChusKashur” (I’m Kashmiri) isn’t sufficient. We should likewise known how to talk in Kashmiri, read and figure out it and furthermore put forth attempts to compose it with the goal that we can convey it forward and energy it to impending ages. There are multiple ways by…

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