Reopening of schools in Kashmir

March 8, 2024
Reopening of schools in Kashmir
Reopening of schools in Kashmir

Sahil Manzoor

The school is the place where the foundation of any nation is laid. School is the garden where we can find all kinds of flowers with sensuous aromas. School is a land where every blooming bud is nourished with love and care. School is the home where every member is enjoying and taking care of each other. School is the orchid where fruits are grown with no expiration date. School is the kitchen where a single dish is cooked for all colors, castes, and sexes. School is the place where no blooming bud has any fear or threat. School is the tape recorder where the music is so heart-touching and soothing to all the hearts and is liked by everyone. School is a cafeteria where every child enjoys the coffee of success and happiness.
Schools is the most common word throughout the world. Every individual has an affection for school, is well aware of their basic schooling, and remembers all the events that occurred during school days. Every country emphasizes the upgrading of school buildings, school infrastructure, school staff, and all that a full-fledged school should be. Today, every individual knows the importance of education. For me, there is no alternative that replaces education today. Education has changed the fate of nations. Where there is more literacy, there are more powerful and great personalities. Actually, our mind is just like a cotton ball, where every microscopic part of it has the potential to carry a gallery of information. By getting educated, we know our potential, we know our value, we know each other’s standards, and we know what is wrong and what is right. So this is something interesting I have shared with you through this medium.
In this article, I am going to share with you some interesting facts about our schools in the valley and discuss some important points regarding the resumption of school after winter vacations. As we know, Kashmir Valley lies in an extreme part of the northern direction, so we experience cold and harsh winters here. But I do like all the seasons in Kashmir Valley throughout the year. From the arrival of autumn every year, the face of Kashmir sheds off due to the falling of leaves from the branches of the trees. With the arrival of December, the outlook of homes and people gets changed due to the cold wave. Every individual wants to cover from bottom to top to avoid a cold wave and to avoid common colds, fevers, and coughs. With the passing of every single day since the arrival of December, we have started observing the addition of heating appliances in homes, offices, etc.
So it has been a concern for the authorities to safeguard the school-going children from the cold wave. They have to come out of their homes early in the morning to go to school, and there are a good number of schools where there are no heating arrangements. Even in some areas of Kashmir Valley, the heating appliances are not able to give their best due to the extreme chilly season. Every parent, teacher, and government administration is concerned regarding their blooming buds and ensures all the possible measures to tackle such contexts.
The winter vacation remains in Kashmir Valley from December to March up to the middle level, and all the educational institutes are closing their classwork tasks phase-wise. One thing that is interesting is that the government administration is taking impressive steps towards the education sector. Opening school for teaching officials on February 20 so that they can take all possible measures. Make preparations like snow clearance, cleanliness of school surroundings, class rooms, preparing and decorating schools, and keeping everything ready to welcome their children with such a charming smile on their faces. I welcome all the students to back their schools and salute all the teacher fraternity for their efforts during such hard circumstances.

Sahil Manzoor
Sahil Manzoor hails from Raiyar-Ich,
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