Mission Director reviews implementation of ICDS (Poshan) Scheme in Ramban District

Mission Director reviews implementation of ICDS (Poshan) Scheme in Ramban District

RAMBAN, AUGUST 24: The Mission Director ICDS, Rubina Kausar today reviewed the implementation of the Poshan (ICDS) scheme in Ramban district here at a meeting.

The meeting was attended by Project Officer ICDS Ramban, Jehangir Hashmi, CDPO Banihal, CDPO Ramban, and CDPO Gool.

The meeting commenced with a detailed PowerPoint presentation by PO ICDS on the status of implementation of the potion scheme in the district.

During the deliberations, PO ICDS Ramban highlighted the successful revitalization of Anganwadi centers across the district, focusing on elevated service quality and comprehensive outreach. He gave a detailed resume on shifting from mere supplementary nutrition provision to a multifaceted approach with focus on nutrition, health, early childhood care and education.

The Ramban district’s achievement of securing the top rank on the Poshan tracker among all districts in Jammu and Kashmir was also highlighted.

The unwavering efforts of the team of POTION (ICDS) Ramban in reaching out to beneficiaries, enhancing their health and nutritional status, and preparing the children for school readiness were highly appreciated.

After an in-depth review, the Mission Director expressed satisfaction over the progress achieved in the potion scheme’s implementation. She laid stress on fostering an environment that optimally benefits the children at Anganwadi centers, ensuring their readiness for school.

She stressed the significance of preparing beneficiary children for formal schooling by imparting pre-school education within Anganwadi centers. Supervisors and CDPOs were asked to conduct regular field visits to check working of Anganwadi centers, while infrastructure improvements, such as electricity and drinking water, were underscored with the support of the District Administration.

Funds were announced for enhancing the capacity of Anganwadi centers to facilitate preschool education, with the aspiration of transforming these centers into Bal Vidyalayas.

Highlighting the ultimate goal of early childhood care and education, she advocated for collaboration with the education department to ensure seamless enrollment of beneficiary children in schools. Further directions encompassed the activation of all Anganwadi centers across Ramban district, emphasizing their vibrant and active presence. This approach, beyond nutritional enhancement, aimed to ensure children’s school readiness and pave the way for effective schooling.

Supervisors were encouraged to maximize their visits to Anganwadi centers, while community awareness initiatives regarding women’s health issues were urged. Notably, DOOs and CDPOs were directed to coordinate with the district health department to organize a workshop on breast cancer awareness.

Additionally, directives were issued for timely expenditure and availability of nutrition in all Anganwadi centers. Regular health camps and meticulous record-keeping for beneficiaries, particularly anemic women and wasted children, were emphasized.

In conclusion, the review meeting epitomized Ramban district’s commendable strides.

Later, the Mission Director distributed recruitment orders to helpers selected for the Banihal project. The recruitment process adhered to the transparent HR policy of the Jammu and Kashmir Social Welfare Department.



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