Peaceful Protest Led by Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi Against Electricity Department in Kalaroos

January 16, 2024

Bhat Altaf

Kalaroos Kupwara16 January :In a small yet significant town nestled in the heart of Kashmir, Kalaroos witnessed a remarkable event on the 16th of January. The community, led by (DDC) Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi, came together for a peaceful protest against the local Electricity Department. This demonstration, driven by concerns over an unexpected increase in electricity fees, highlighted the community’s collective discontent.

Kalaroos, a town known for its serene landscapes and tight-knit community, rarely finds itself at the center of public demonstrations. However, the recent decision by the Electricity Department to raise electricity fees prompted the residents, under the leadership of DDC Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi, to voice their concerns through a peaceful protest.

Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi, a respected figure in Kalaroos, assumed a leadership role in organizing and guiding the residents in their peaceful expression of discontent. As the Deputy Commissioner, Rahi is well-versed in understanding the local issues affecting the community, making him a natural choice to lead such a movement.

The protest commenced on the 16th of January, with a gathering of residents in the heart of Kalaroos. Bhat Altaf, a community activist known for his advocacy on local issues, played a crucial role in mobilizing the residents and ensuring the peaceful nature of the demonstration. The protestors, carrying placards and banners expressing their dissatisfaction, marched towards Kapwara, making a symbolic statement against the perceived injustice.

The decision to reject the sudden increase in electricity fees was met with unanimous support from the community. The protestors, a diverse group representing different age groups and backgrounds, echoed a shared sentiment of financial strain caused by the unexpected surge in utility costs. The increased fees, deemed unreasonable by the residents, were seen as an added burden in an already challenging economic climate.

Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi addressed the gathering, articulating the concerns and grievances of the community. He emphasized the need for transparent communication between the Electricity Department and the residents, urging for a reconsideration of the fee hike. Rahi’s leadership during the protest resonated with the crowd, as he navigated the delicate balance between advocating for the community and maintaining a peaceful demonstration.

As the procession moved towards Kapwara, the protestors garnered attention from both local and regional media. The peaceful nature of the protest and the community’s commitment to their cause became a focal point in news coverage. Bhat Altaf, serving as a spokesperson for the group, engaged with the media, articulating the reasons behind the protest and the community’s expectations from the Electricity Department.

The rejection of the electricity fee hike serves as a testament to the power of collective action and community solidarity. While the immediate impact of the protest remains to be seen, it has sparked a broader conversation about the need for transparent and fair practices in utility services. The residents of Kalaroos, by peacefully expressing their dissent, have underscored the importance of community engagement in shaping local policies.

In conclusion, the peaceful protest led by DDC Chaudhry Mustafa Rahi in Kalaroos reflects the resilience and unity of the community against perceived injustices. The rejection of the electricity fee hike stands as a significant moment in the town’s history, showcasing the power of collective action in the face of economic challenges.

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