second leg of Madh i Nabi (PBUH)by Rafiabad Addabi Markaz over

second leg of Madh i Nabi (PBUH)by Rafiabad Addabi Markaz over
second leg of Madh i Nabi (PBUH)by Rafiabad Addabi Markaz over

Rafiabad Addabi Markaz started Madh I Nabiﷺ from 1st of Ramadan every day at 8 pm wherein a Naat by a renowned poet is posted on this official WhatsApp group with its beautifully designed graphic text and audio and members on the page respond with their opinion which follows an excellent academic discussion on the subject’s literary value.
In 2 weeks 14 posts by acclaimed Na’atgo poets paid their lyrical tributes to Prophet Muhammadﷺ. Those who till now offered their obedience include Shabir Ahmad Shabir dr.shoukat Shifa sphagnum Gulzar fayyaz Tilgami Qazi GM Gulshan Dr.Shad RamzanSyed Rasheed Jawahar Sagar Nazir Hassan Azhar Athar Faruq Rasheed Kanispuri Farouq Rafiabadi Nadim Bokhari and Gulzar Jaffar
This unique and 1st of it’s online program on social media is the initiative of Rafiabad Addabi Markaz supervises by its president Shabnam Gulzar and presented by Nasir Ahmad Naseer
People at large and civil society had welcomed this sacred gesture and hoped that such activities will not only last for Ramadan but even after that.They hoped that by the grace of such initiatives Allah may forgive us and take away this pandemic for us from the world.

(Issued by Nasir Ahmad Naseer, Media secretary Markaz)


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