Tangmarg: A Gateway Of Gulmarg

Kashmir is famous all over the world for its scenic beauty, lust green forests, verdant valleys and green meadows etc under the shadow of beautiful crescent shaped Himalayan mountain range. This valley is blessed with important health resorts and some known and beautiful places. Tangmarg called the gateway of Gulmarg is one of them.

Tangmarg, a stunning place located in dist.Baramulla about 39km from Srinagar nestled under the lower slope of beautiful Pir Panajal Range scattered in about 100 populated hamlets, literally from the local dialect Tang means Pear and Marg means meadow. This place is famous for its scenic beauty having some unique attractions. It is like Mini Kashmir where different people live in harmony and in brotherhood.

In the heart of this town famous Jamia Masjid and Gurudwara are located in west side. In its east a famous play ground and public hospital is located amidst the lush green forests and natural beauty. There are some important educational institutions like Govt Higher Secondary school Chandlora and degree college Tangmarg, Tyndale Biscoe school (a missiniere school) in famous shajimarg area near the residence of x chief minister and current MP Dr. farooq Abdullah and other is army goodwill school Ziran located inside the Ziran army camp- which is famous for its people friendly approach and always there for safety and security of general public. The army camp is famous for free medical aid curing the poor people of Tangmarg area.

Tangmarg is observing the unique  Kashmiri culture, Bearing Pheran(along woven white cloth) and earthen pot( kangri) inside the Pheran and fighting the cold chills of winter called chilla kalan in local parlance(40 days cold period) all lokks bizarre and outstanding. World famous Kashmiri cusine is all seeable and tasteful.  Mostly people are busy in agriculture activities and other Pashmina work, paper mashie work etc are all worth to see. Women folk are busy in handicrafts and other simple chores.

Tangmarg surrendered by other captivating places like Mohyan and Ferozpora villages where it is said that in pre independence era some britishers were residing with common people there. There are several other famous tourist spot like Drung and Gogaldara bewildering the visiting people across the country and continents.

Captivating “Mohvan and Ferozpora villagers”:

•       Nestled under the foothills of Affarwat and Kawnar Mountains.

•       Sarva cottage guest house located on banks of famous Babal canal is indeed a famous tourist point to rest.

•       On the banks of this canal, Naik Sahab a nearby(famous Muslim Sufi shrine)located middle of river Ferozpora Nalla where water flow is extreme low bewildering every onlooker.

Alluring Drung, an unexplored place:

•       really resplendent that compels one to stop to see (Yechwog in local paralance) breathtaking beauty is “waterfall, small hydropower project, Pandwa structures (4000 Bc stone buildings).

Inhabitants of Drung are really kind hearted and one can visit the Local Middle school enrolled about 130 students will greet anyone.

Famous Sufi shrine of Hazrat Baba Pavam Ud Din(RA):

This Ziarat of Baba Reshi is a popular shrine in Tangmarg Baramulla, situated near the famous Alpather alike at 13km from Gulmarg and just 4km from Tangmarg and belongs to saint Baba-Payam-Din who was once courtier of the king of Kashmir Zain-Ul-Abidin.People of all religion including locals often visit this shrine with high faith and respect. This Sufi place is famous for the Langer (free food) there offered to every visitor.

Meadows of flowers(Gulmarg):

Gulmarg literally means “Meadow of flowers”. Gulmarg is located 60kms away from Srinagar which is an hour and half journey by car. Gulmarg has attracted millions of tourists throughout its existence with the scenic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains in the backdrop. One of the main attractions in Gulmarg is the Gulmarg Gondola, the Highest cable car in the world. The 1st phase of the Gondola takes tourists to the height of 8530ft to Kongdori Station and the second stage of Gondola goes upto the height of 12293ft.Tourists can enjoy horse riding and can go riding to the magnificient” Strawberry valley”, Leopards valley and ride up to “Kongdori” to see the frozen lake of “Al-Pathar”. Gulmarg in winter is a magnificent experience, fully covered in a white blanket of snow which turns it into a skiers paradise. The natural slopes here are untouched and prove to be a challenge to ace skiers! Besides the scenic side to Gulmarg, winter time in Gulmarg is a season of festivities with celebrations of “white Christmas” and New year parties. 

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