Promotion Eligibility Test

Promotion Eligibility Test

The proposal from the school education department desires appreciation and acceptance


Read a segment of news in print and watched its circulation in electronic media that the education department has issued a proposal about prior proposal of examination based promotion of ,lectures, administrative officers( Gazetted cadre). This merit-based promotion, which measures and rewards employees’ contributions based on performance that shall be assessed by examination.The proposal is purely administrative in nature. Its nomenclature and execution are concerned to the department, but there are certain obligations to provide satisfactory reasons  that are properly thought out and possibly good. The reasons must be adequate, allowing the reader to understand why the matter was decided as it was and what conclusions were reached on the principal important issues.

The proposal is extremely fascinating and could be a land mark decision if implemented properly. This is an innovative step ,department needs such type of innovation to streamline quality education, keep meritocracy and maintain pace with the modern education trends. The step may look like new and unconventional, but the reality is that it was a demand of teaching fratnity. It has been practiced and implemented by the central school systems like Kendriya/Navodya Vidhyalas, most of the educationally forward states/UTs like Kerala, Mizoram, Chandigarh, Haryana, etc. If merit/ examination is adopted by the education department for the basis of promotion, the superbness and excellence will display from working class “Teachers and rest.” The ablest person shall be promoted in the department in spite of how much junior he may be . It encourages all employees to improve their efficiency cum competency. Obviously the working class of department possess varying levels of skills and abilities, and a performance-based promotion rewards those who may have the most to offer the department in the long run. While tenured employees offer the benefit of greater experience, this does not necessarily equate with more ability if their skills no longer match the needs of an evolving department. A less experienced worker possessing a greater flair for innovation or creativity may be more likely to generate ideas, and innovations those would help the department to move forward with dynamic capabilities.

However research had shown that teachers whose colleagues are more experienced are more effective than those who are less experienced, But the fact is that the experience does not indicate that with  the passage of time, will all teachers become better or incompetent teachers be effective,ratherthan has shown experience is intact with performance of students and competency of teacher ,therefore it is not certain to discard value of experience/ seniority of teacher neither experience could be the only parameter for promotion. I think better is merit cum seniority.

This unique perplexed situation has had keep minds of intellectual persons in continuous and relentless state of thinking about “does teaching experience make teacher more effective ,if not then on what cornerstone the competency and effectiveness of teacher could be appraised ,assessed or  explored . Therefore Department has introduce new parameter of assessment already practised in different countries and here it is named as “Limited Departmental Examination or “Test” means a competitive test limited to certain category or categories of holders of posts in the Schedule, conducted by the authorized agency for Promotion to a higher post specified in the Rules. 

The induction of departmental examination is necessity now while keeping in view the implementation phase of NEP2020. “Teachers doing outstanding work must be recognized and promoted, and given salary raises, to incentivize all teachers to do their best work. Robust merit-based structure of tenure, promotion, and salary structure will be developed, with multiple levels within each teacher stage”.(from NEP2020). It doesn’t only assess competency of teacher but Various other important objectives related With policy ,teachers, students and connotation of objectives such as Personnel evaluation in department which reveals what is valued in the department, how roles are construed, and which goals have de facto priority in the management of departmental affairs. The importance attached to this function says much about the  relationship with teachers and students, as well as the relationships with the department. Indeed, evaluation plays a particularly critical role in  teaching that claims to be a profession, so the talented would not struggle to get an opportunity.

The education department have need to adopt different means to disseminate its mission, vision and values to its teaching staff through various approaches and to extract best with no one be left out. The department have to made its level best to  build up and strengthen the quality of education through the implementation of continuous assessment, active learning approach, e-learning, remedial and affirmative action ,inculcating scientific advancement and application of community-based transforming .Today, it is an imperative to prepare dynamic teachers. Therefore, teacher should be ornamented with the teaching-learning skills, real mode internship, pedagogical knowledge with application, multi-lingual and multicultural classroom management techniques and ICT based technologies.

For the teachers’ time has come to seize the opportunity and become makers of your own destiny. Teachers have to fearlessly embrace the proposal. To do this- Dream, work hard to achieve your dreams. Become an aware, enthusiastic, and empowered teacher. Share your ideas, grow by experimenting, and research. Gain insights also from the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Enjoy your journey by forging beautiful relationships with generations of learners who transition through your classrooms and remain a life-long learner. With this magnificent ,vibrant, and incredible theme, teachers are ready to follow the proposal of” departmental examination for Promotion.”

By implementing the proposal entirely in education department Here in jammu and kashmir ,this will provide equal opportunity to  teachers , it would be useful in creating uniformity and different cadre system/ class within class system of teachers such as GLT, TGll, TGlll,  3rd Teacher, RRETS will be scrapped once for all. Because you all have a distinguished legacy and glorified accomplishments. it is well known and investigated aspect of above cited teacher cadres that their nomenclature of teachings is same( teaching different classes and subjects), mode of acquiring qualification is same ,way of learning is same, mode of examination is same, even universities are same .In fact, we are going to view and analyze human resources. Benjamin Disraeli had said, “‘The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes!.so this  proposal is gateway for teacher  to prove  his/her teaching caliber, effectiveness, dynamic research ability and opportunity to put himself/herself in first row, it will definitely change the teachers effectiveness and outlook of department on whole.

If anyone from the department who is carrying out his/her duties at present is restricted from the examination “Limited Departmental Examination,” whatever the reasons of restriction may be. It is actually denied talent and geniusness, a sort of putting obstacles against brilliance, an attempt to stop the exploration of multipotentialite, and it is hostile to quintessential brainiac . In such circumstances, the road map would not be effective and, with time, will lose its factualness and significance . let all stakeholders be given a chance to explore their talents in the proposed action that the department has issued thus far. After all, there is evulation of everything from lower to higher, from simple to complex and from complex to more complex, so we have to act in accordance with change and ratify .

Both experience and merit matters. However, promotion criteria shouldn’t overlook any of these factors, making the other one solely reliable for promotion. The department may provide suitable weightage to experience if necessary. But it has been ascertained and seen that the merit based promotion is actively involved in shaping the landscape of modern education rankings and its productivity .

The author is working in department of education, views are personal.


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