Congratulations: Celebrate 77 Th Independence Day On August 15,2023 With Joy And Merry

Congratulations: Celebrate 77 Th Independence Day On August 15,2023 With Joy And Merry

Today our Nation is celebrating Seventy seven year of Independence day and all citizens and it’s patriots are set to celebrate this day with joy and merry. Our beloved Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji is going to hoist tricolour at Redford,New Delhi today as well as address the nation.
.Our nation India has come a long way from the days of independence and we are celebrating seventy seventy year of Independence with great zeal and fervor.
During these seventy seven years of independence our nation has achieved numerous things which include a strong democracy, higher education, nuclear power, great economic growth, great military power, successful foreign policy and other things, but still there are, several challenges to this nation which include exploding population, widespread poverty, illiteracy ,terrorism, urban congestion and critical power and energy situation and other things,so it has become necessary for all of us to have a peep into these greatest challenges of our country.
As regards huge population, if it is not to be curbed by positive policies, we shall have to face the doom in the very short coming times,.This occasion of 77 th years of celebra tion of Indian independence is the right time to take these challenges head on to create awareness and make such policies which will curb the population explosion to make the life of every citizen of the country livable. Population explosion in our country has surfaced the need to address the fundamental issues and that too at the earliest to make our rejoicing manifold.
Secondly we have to impart the right and scientific education to all sections and segments of the people in particular to almost all those women who are the real force in making of successful families, society and nation ..If they have been fed on wrong education making them believe that they are only for producing children and propagate the race, but to educate them about right and scientific education which can empower them (women)..We all needs to be understood and have introspection of all these things and then to give a systematic practical shape of all things .The results are also to be noted from time to time. The qualified support is needed for the widely held belief that fertility reduction is one consequence of improvements in female education and consequent changes in women’s empowerment and autonomy. In almost every social setting, regardless of region, culture or level of development, the best educated women definitely bear fewer children than less educated or wrongly educated women.They would have to increase confidence and self esteem and stand up for themselves. They would have to stand up and seek best possible education and healthcare for themselves and their children.
There is also an urgent need to impart right scientific education to all our children from very early age so that they are able to imbibe the nuances of right scientific attitude to life at their earliest years in life to make the same the greatest part of their future life.
We must not waste and misuse our nation resources, like electricity and water and other resources and to be used very judiciously. We must not damage or allow others to damage our government– public property and must try to contribute some things towards our nation,and its people each day what would be the possible for each citizen of our country.
Also very importantly we all have to understand and Imbibe true nationalism and national spirit in ourselves, it is need of time also to take this nation a head and to give importance and prorioty to our duties towards our nation rather our it is a nation which gives us identity, chances for devlopment ,prosperity.and to grow.. Hence respect and safe guard it’s interests.
We all together have also to work for the peace and prosperity of our nation and work honestly and labouriously to make our nation India number one country and big power in the world in all respects.
At conclusion,I would request all to hoist national flag at your Roop tops and celebrate this day joyfully and happily.
” Again our Congratulations on the 77 th independence day of our great nation India.”
“Jai Hind ,Mera Bharat mahan”





[ Kundan Kashmiri ]
Freelance writer & President KPC


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