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Parvez Maanous, a prolific writer hailing from the Pahari ethnic group of Jammu and Kashmir, has embarked on an extraordinary literary journey, leaving an indelible mark on literature through his diverse and extensive body of work.
With 19 books authored in various genres and languages such as Pahari, Urdu, Gojri, and Kashmiri, Maanous showcases his exceptional talent and literary prowess, acting as a bridge between cultures and languages.
His dedication to his mother tongue, Pahari, is evident as he primarily focuses on writing in that language. Moreover, he has translated eight books, solidifying his contribution to the literary world.
Reflecting on his journey, Maanous said, “I believe that language is not just a tool for communication; It is a powerful medium to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. Through my writing, I strive to celebrate the richness of diversity and highlight our shared humanity.”
Born on March 6, 1966, in the Poonch District of the Pir Panjal Range, Maanous currently serves as a teacher in the Education Department.

His passion for storytelling and the written word sparked in 1985, captivating readers with his evocative narratives and multilingual compositions. Residing in Azad Basti Natipora, Srinagar, Maanous continues to forge ahead, leaving an indelible impact on the literary realm.

The list of books authored by Parvez Maanous stands as a testament to his versatility and creative vision. Spanning various genres and languages, his works captivate readers from different cultural backgrounds.

Among his notable works are “Beetain Lamhoon Ki Saugaten,” an Urdu poetry collection (1992); “Chareentha,” a collection of Pahari short stories (1998); “Tatti Chan,” a Pahari novel (2016); and “Sarey Jahaan Ka Dard,” an Urdu novel (2021). These books reflect his ability to seamlessly traverse linguistic boundaries while capturing the essence of diverse cultures.

Maanous emphasizes the importance of language and culture, stating, “In our interconnected world, it is crucial to celebrate our linguistic and cultural diversity. Through literature, we can bridge gaps and foster understanding, paving the way for a more harmonious society.”
Maanous has also played a crucial role in translating literary works, making literature accessible across different languages. His notable translations include “Paani Bich Pahamad,” the first Pahari translation of a Kashmiri novel (2010), and the ongoing translation of Leo Tolstoy’s monumental work, “War and Peace,” into the Pahari language.
By expanding the reach of literature through translation, Maanous aims to foster greater understanding and appreciation among diverse communities
Beyond his role as an author and translator, Parvez Maanous dedicates himself to editing and compiling works by other writers. During his deputation at the J-K State Advisory Board for the Development of Pahari Speaking People, he contributed to the compilation and editing of notable works, including “Pahari Kabail” by KD Mani and “Kacha Kotha” by Mohd Iqbal Khan.
His commitment to uplifting fellow writers highlights his dedication to the literary community and his desire to create a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

Maanous’ literary achievements have been widely recognized and celebrated. His impactful contributions have garnered him prestigious accolades such as the State Academy Best Book Award for “Chan Mama” in 2007 and “Sanjah Dard” in 2011.
He has also been honoured with the State Academy Best Play Script award in both Pahari and Urdu languages. Awards such as the Maqbool Sahil Literally Award and the National Human Rights Award further attest to his commitment to excellence and the significant impact of his literary contributions.
Maanous states, “These awards are a testament to the power of words to transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of readers. They motivate me to continue exploring new avenues in literature and furthering the cause of cultural harmony.”
He actively participates in literary camps, conferences, and Mushairas. These events provide opportunities for him to expand his knowledge, exchange ideas with fellow writers, and promote cultural exchange.
By immersing himself in these gatherings, Maanous continually enriches his understanding of the literary landscape and contributes to the broader literary community.
He added, “Literature has the potential to transform lives and foster empathy. By celebrating language, diversity, and our shared humanity, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate world. Through my writing, I hope to inspire others to embrace their cultural heritage, appreciate different languages, and find common ground in the beauty of our collective experiences.”
Zubair Qureshi, a writer of the Pahari language, said, “Parvez Maanous is an invaluable asset not only to the Pahari ethnic group but also to the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir.”


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