Vote for Modi Ji will be Vote for Vishwa Guru Bharat: Rana

Vote for Modi Ji will be Vote for Vishwa Guru Bharat: Rana
Vote for Modi Ji will be Vote for Vishwa Guru Bharat: Rana

Kathua April 15:- Senior BJP leader Mr Devender Singh Rana today said that a vote for Modi Ji is a vote for the realization of Vishwa Guru Bharat – a resplendent India that leads by example, enriching the lives of its citizens and contributing to the welfare of humanity at large.

Mr Rana who was addressing series of Nukkad meetings in Panchayat Chilk West, Chilk East, Sounkhal, Katli, Channi and Lachipur in Jasrota Assembly Constituency of District Kathua, here this evening along with former Minister and Sr BJP Leader Mr. Rajiv Jasrotia, said “a vote for Modi Ji is not merely a political choice; it is an endorsement of a vision for a Vishwa Guru Bharat. It signifies a pledge towards realizing the full potential of our Nation on the global stage.

 “Through his decisive governance, inclusive policies, and tireless efforts, Prime Minister Modi Ji has laid the foundation for a stronger, more vibrant India and a Vote for Modi Ji will be Vote for Vishwa Guru Bharat”, he said adding that Modi Hai Tu Mumkin Hai.

Mr Rana said Vishwa Guru Bharat embodies not just material progress but also spiritual and cultural richness. It envisions India as a beacon of wisdom, compassion, and harmony, inspiring the world with its timeless ethos and values, which is only possible under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi Ji.

“In this  Lok Sabha elections, it is imperative to recognize the profound significance of each vote cast. As citizens, we hold the power to shape the destiny of our nation, steering it towards progress and prosperity. In this crucial juncture, it is paramount to reflect upon the transformative leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji and its resonance with the vision of a Vishwa Guru Bharat – a global leader in various facets”, he maintained.

He said under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has witnessed unprecedented strides in various spheres. From economic reforms to technological advancements, from infrastructure development to diplomatic relations, every realm has witnessed a remarkable transformation. His unwavering commitment to the welfare and empowerment of every citizen has been exemplary, he added.

“Let us unite in this endeavour to shape a brighter future for our beloved nation. Together, let us march towards the realization of Vishwa Guru Bharat under the sagacious leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji”.

He said this region, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi Ji, has witnessed a concerted effort to address longstanding issues and chart a path towards inclusive growth as per his cherished agenda of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas. He gave credit to the people of all shades of life in Jammu and Kashmir for coming together to rebuild trust and forge a shared vision for the future. Following path breaking initiatives like empowerment through local governance, grassroots democracy, successful conduct of civic elections, enabling huge voter participation, the Union Territory is now embarking on massive participation in the parliamentary elections, he said, exuding confidence that the sagacious voters will put their seal as affirmation of the policies and programmes of the BJP for prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing the meetings Mr. Rajiv Jasrotia made a fervent appeal to the people to come forward in large numbers and vote in favour of progress, prosperity, and stability. He said “your vote is not just a symbol of your democratic rights, but a powerful instrument for shaping the future of our nation. Let us unite in solidarity and solidarity and collectively contribute to the journey of building a New India envisioned by Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Together, let us reaffirm our commitment to a brighter, stronger and more prosperous India.

Among others who were present in these meetings included Kewal Singh, Rocky Sharma, Angrez Chand, Gandarbh Singh, Bashir Ahmed, Jagdev Singh, Mohammad Aslam, Ravinder Singh Slathia, JP Singh, Suresh Sharma, Sham Parshad, Balwant Singh, Pritam Singh, Abdul Wahid, Karam Din, Gurmeet Singh, Ranjit Singh, Harbachan Singh, Gurdeep Singh and others.

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