Eminent Educationists to create jobopportunities for Kashmiri youth by reskillingand upskilling through training

In order to expand the the field of education by collaborating with various educational groups Bharat Sevak Samaj srakeholders including Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti, an IIMB Certified Educationist and Dr. Amit Yadav the cahcleoor of BSS leads a team that conducts research and market surveys to identify opportunities for reskilling and upskilling the youth of Kashmir. Their aim is to equip them for entrepreneurial journeys and enhance their understanding of market requirements. Dr.Bhaskar Jyoti and her team actively engage with the student community of Kashmir through guest lecturers in different districts, including the Hazratbal Campus of Kashmir University.
They have been actively involved in expanding the field of education by collaborating with various educational groups. Their expertise has been utilized by numerous universities and schools to establish successful ventures, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.They collaboratewith natives of Kashmir who share the same vision of giving back to society.
Dr. Amit Yadav, has an Engineering bent of mind currently he is the Chancellor of Bharat Sevak Samaj, and Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti, the Senior Program Coordinator of J&K, share a common goal of introducing job-oriented courses in kashmir. Their mission is to engage the youth in productive activities and contribute to society.
Through their research, they have identified Kashmir as a potential market for internationally recognized courses. They have observed the challenges faced by the youth, including high dropout rates due to financial pressures and involvement in traditional cultural businesses. Certain districts in Kashmir also face issues related to drug consumption, which further exacerbate academic difficulties, health problems (including mental health issues), and strained peer relationships.
According to Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti’s research, certain districts are facing various issues related to drugvconsumption. These problems include academic difficulties, health-related problems (including mental health), poor peer relationships, and involvement with the juvenile justice system.In the context of Kashmir, Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti highlights that the youth, whether they belong to the student community or are professionally involved, are currently going through a transitional stage of up gradation. This is due to the amendment of article 370 by the Indian Judiciary and the recent G20 Summit,which is expected to attract a significant amount of national and international business.
To create a world class higher education ecosystem in J&K Dr. Amit suggests that the implementation of the five strategic pillars outlined in NEP 2020 which can help create a world-class higher education ecosystem in J&K. These pillars include Student Centricity, Research and Innovation, Trained Faculty, International Mobility, and Digital Learning.Dr. Amit & Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti has taken several measures to improve the education system in J&K. These include developing multidisciplinary courses to make students ‘industry ready”, introducing flexible degrees that allow students to choose their preferred disciplines, and building industry partnerships to understand the skills required for the future workforce in Industry 4.0. The curriculum should focus on equipping students with a combination of technical and business skills.

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