Department of Kashmiri GDC Ganderbal Tributed Kashmiri on Int’l Mother Language Day Organised One-day Seminar

February 23, 2024

Dr Satish Vimal Presided the Event

In a resplendent display of cultural vibrancy, the Department of Kashmiri at Government Degree College Gandarbal orchestrated a one-day seminar to honor the essence of International Mother Language Day. Against the backdrop of majestic valleys and serene landscapes, the event unfolded as a testament to the enduring spirit of Kashmiri linguistic heritage.

The ceremony, a symphony of reverence and intellectual discourse, commenced with solemnity as Sahil Manzoor graced the stage with a poignant recitation of the Quran, followed by Shahnawaz Ahmed’s melodious rendition of a Naat. Principal Professor Fozia Fatima, exuding warmth and hospitality, extended a heartfelt welcome to the esteemed guests, setting the tone for an enriching day ahead. Dr. Nasrat Iqbal, radiating gratitude and enthusiasm, articulated the collective sentiment of appreciation.

The inaugural session blossomed into a kaleidoscope of poetic brilliance, as luminaries of Kashmiri literature illuminated the gathering with their soul-stirring verses. Dr. Henana Berjes, Tousif Raza, Azhar Nazir, Irshada Bano, Parvez Mir, and Shahzad Manzoor, among others, adorned the ambiance with the lyrical splendor of Kashmiri poetry, enrapturing hearts and minds alike.

The subsequent session unfolded as a scholarly discourse, delving deep into the nuances of Kashmiri language and its intrinsic significance. Special guests, including the venerable Dr. Satish Vimal and the distinguished Mr. Rashid Kanispori, graced the event with their profound insights and scholarly acumen. Dr. Nasrat Iqbal, in a pivotal address, shed light on the profound importance of nurturing one’s mother tongue, emphasizing its role as a cornerstone of cultural identity and cohesion.
In his resonant presidential address, Dr. Satish Vimal encapsulated the essence of language as the very soul and identity of a nation, underscoring the profound resonance of Kashmiri within the cultural tapestry of the region.

The seminar, a convergence of intellect, artistry, and cultural pride, stood as a beacon of hope and resilience in an ever-changing world. It echoed the unwavering commitment of the Kashmiri community to preserve and celebrate its linguistic heritage, embodying the spirit of International Mother Language Day in its truest form.
As the echoes of poetry and scholarly discourse lingered in the crisp mountain air, Government Degree College Gandarbal emerged not just as a venue but as a sanctum of cultural enrichment and collective celebration—a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Kashmiri language and literature.

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