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November 18, 2023

A 20-year-old’s journey in the shadow of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a pressing issue that continues to impact societies worldwide, and the region of Jammu and Kashmir is no exception. With an alarming statistics of one million people caught in the grip of drug abuse, the problem has reached critical proportions in this region.
In a heart-rending tale of resilience and determination, a 20 year old girl has emerged as an epitome of strength while fighting to protect her younger brother from the clutches of their estranged father’s drug abuse.Seprated from her father a decade ago, she has not only taken up the responsibility of her family’s financial well-being but also mustered the courage to pursue her dreams in the face of adversity.

Meet Aliya Manzoor, a young women who has been through trials and tribulation that many her age couldn’t fathom.With a steadfast sipirit and unwavering love for her brother,she faced life’s challenges head-on and is now taking her father to court to safeguard her family’s future.
Aliya’s life took an unfortunate turn when her parents separated due to her father’s drug addiction.she was only ten years old at the time and had to witness her family falling apart.Her mother,unable to cope with the situation,decided to separate,leaving Aliya and her younger brother,in her care.Despite the difficult circumstances,Aliya was determined to shield her brother from the toxic influence of their father.
with no financial support from their estranged father, Aliya had to find a way to make ends meet.She learned the art of tailoring from her mother.Realising that this skill could be lifeline,Aliya started offering tailoring services to neighbors and friends.Her dedication and impeccable workmanship soon earned her a reputation for being a talented tailor,helping her garner a steady stream of customers and income.
In addition to tailoring, Aliya’s family also relies on rental income from a property that her mother managed to secure during the sepparation settlement.Though the income from the rental property was modest, it served as a crucial source of support for the family’s day-to-day expenses.

However,their father’s drug abuse remained a looming threat.Determined to keep her brother safe and provide him with a better future, Aliya decided to take legal action against her father.Supported by her mother and friends,she initiated a case in court, seeking sole custody of her brother and a restraining order to keep their father at a distance.
The legal battle has not been easy for Aliya,as it has taken an emotional toll on her and her family.Despite facing adversity and numerous challenges along the way, she remains resolute in her mission to protect her brother from their father’s influence.

Aliya’s tenacity serves as a beacon of hope,reminding us all that no matter how challenging the circumstances,the human spirit has the power to rise above and conquer adversity.

Adnan latif
Adnan Latif

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