Unidentified dead Body Found in Shopian
Unidentified dead Body Found in Shopian

Jammu And KashmirBuilding A Safer HavenFor Tomorrow Youth

Within the enchanting valleys and snow-laden peaks of Jammu and Kashmir lies a stirring narrative of resilience and progress, even amidst the recent statistics revealing a 35% surge in crimes against children. As per the report, a copy of which is available with news agency Current News of India (CNI), compared to 606 cases in 2020, 920 cases of crime against children have been registered by police in Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2022. In 2021, JK had recorded 845 cases of crime against Children. At national level, a total of 1,62,449 cases of crime against children were registered during 2022, showing an increase of 8.7% over 2021 (1,49,404 cases).
As per the report last year, 316 cases have been registered under POCSO by the police in Jammu and Kashmir.
A total of 318 victims were reported last year under POCSO in Jammu Kashmir, the report said.
It said last year 513 incidents of kidnapping and abduction of children were registered by the police in Jammu Kashmir. As many as 534 victims were reported in these 513 incidents of kidnapping and abduction of children.
The report said that seven incidents of human trafficking of children have been reported last year in Jammu Kashmir.
The police found 10 victims who were being trafficked in Jammu Kashmir last year.
Moreover, 75 children as per the report who were missing were deemed as kidnapped last year.
The NCRB report said that 29 incidents of kidnapping and abduction of minor girls to compel her for marriage were registered by police last year under Section 366 of IPC in the union territory. It said that two cases of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act were registered by the police in Jammu and Kashmir last year.
Despite these daunting numbers, the spirit of this picturesque Union Territory resonates with resilience and determination to rewrite its narrative, ensuring a safer haven for its youth. The increase in reported crimes against children has spurred the government into swift action. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies, the administration has initiated robust measures to combat this concerning trend. From the establishment of dedicated task forces to the implementation of stringent legal measures, the government has shown an unwavering commitment to curbing these distressing incidents. Increased police patrolling in vulnerable areas and the expansion of child protection services stand as crucial steps toward bolstering the safety of the region’s children.
Education has been identified as a pivotal tool in safeguarding the vulnerable. The government’s proactive steps include bolstering school safety protocols, introducing comprehensive awareness programs, and integrating child protection modules into the educational curriculum. By emphasizing prevention strategies and nurturing a culture of vigilance, these initiatives aim to create a shield of protection around the younger populace.
The surge in reported cases has also sparked a groundswell of community-driven initiatives. Local organizations, impassioned individuals, and concerned citizens have joined forces, conducting workshops, seminars, and neighborhood watch programs. Through these grassroots efforts, a web of vigilance and support is being woven, ensuring that every child is enveloped in a safety net woven by collective concern and vigilance.
These efforts are not in isolation; they are part of a larger strategy to foster a comprehensive ecosystem of protection for the region’s youth. The focus extends beyond responding to incidents to proactive measures that prevent and safeguard the children of Jammu and Kashmir.
The statistics may paint a grim picture, but they underscore the collective determination to create a safer environment. They highlight the urgency for sustained efforts to combat these challenges. However, amidst these challenges lies an unwavering commitment from the people, the government, and civil society to build a future where every child can flourish without fear.
As the sun sets behind the Himalayas, it signifies not just the end of a day but the promise of a better tomorrow for the children of Jammu and Kashmir. The path ahead might be arduous, but with collaborative efforts, stringent measures, and a collective resolve, the region is forging ahead to ensure a future where its youth are protected, cherished, and empowered.
This Cover aims to guide and awake our society against the hike in crime rate

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