Snow in kashmir

August 21, 2023
Snow in kashmir

A beautiful kashmiri poem penned by Mr. Sheir Ali Masgool from Dalina Baramullah and translated by Shadab Yasmin from Mashwara Shopian


Have to colour the fairy-tales
Into every box of this rough plan
Let us loiter across the snow fields
You butler! Fill the wine into the decanters
Put your head into my lap
To figure the fascinating snowy statue
People will forget the Azar, the idol maker
The meaning will seize to exist in the idol
The Bahzan will put his fingers between his teeth
Just in utter bewilderment
You butler, fill the wine into the decanters
Today the twists of our fate got unraveled
Laila too wore dazzling garments
Enveloped the face by an icy sheet
Freezed his entire being from the bottom to top
The fairies rested in the glassy rooms
You butler, fill the wine into the decanters
Have a look on the falling snow, butterflies descending from sky. Cypress head bowing, people enjoying and faires singing in a row. You butler, fill the wine into the decanters.
Let us sit on the snow carpet embroidered with silver on the marble plinth, bosom of earth in between the meadows of Gulmarg where the mountains wear turban over turban and the turbans are crowned. The pine trees standing in rows like a wall of marble stones at the foot of these shimmering mountains sight to contemplate. You butler, fill the wine….
Lets warm our hearts by playing hide and seek behind the snow flakes into the farms the gardens and in the brans . You dear butler …
Here the water became pearly and sweet and pearls matured into oysters. Kashmir the valley of flowers liked all this to beautify herself in future. You butler! Fill the wine into the decanters



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