UP state board topper Prachi Nigam finds support as netizens fight trolls mocking her appearance

rachi Nigam made headlines after she topped Uttar Pradesh’s Class 10 board exams recently with 98.5 per cent. Her achievement, however, was overshadowed by trolls who mocked the teen for her facial hair. Viral posts on social media saw Nigam being discussed more for her looks than her outstanding academic achievements.

Soon, however, the online community started to fight back against the trolls and raised their voices in support of the teenage girl. Many social media users also expressed concern over the potential emotional impact of such negativity on a person as young as Nigam.

Several users suggested that Nigam may have been suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) — a condition in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens, male sex hormones — that is often characterised by excessive growth of facial hair.

“I congratulate Prachi Nigam for topping the UP Board High School exams. It’s sad to learn that people are trolling her. #PCOS is a debilitating condition, not only physically, but socially and mentally. Very proud that she has achieved this success despite her health issues,” wrote health coach Priyanka Matanhelia
Some people mocked Prachi Nigam, the student who topped the UP Board Class X exam, for her facial hair. This is often caused by hormonal imbalance, commonly by a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which can also lead to acne, hirsutism (facial hair), scalp hair loss, weight gain, and menstrual issues,” X user The Skin Doctor (@theskindoctor13) commented.

While many PCOS symptoms improve with hormonal treatment, facial hair can be resistant. Laser hair reduction is often necessary, but it can be costly. Perhaps this is why her parents have been unable to pursue it. May not be financially well-off otherwise Prachi might not have been studying in a UP board school. I urge those who mocked her not to do so. She is just a child. Imagine how she would feel if she were to read what has been written about her on Twitter.” The doctor also shared his contact details and offered to help Nigam, if she and her family were willing.
Other users shared similar experiences. “When I got a 90 percent in my ICSE some building aunties went to my school to crosscheck that my family and I weren’t lying because they thought I was ‘too well-groomed to be intelligent’. There is no way for women to win — you’re always too fat, too thin, too pretty, too ugly. So, you do you, because authenticity is always greater than sh**-takes,” wrote author and journalist Meghna Pant.

Meanwhile, Nigam did not address the issue but chose to congratulate all candidates for successfully clearing the exams after working hard for it. She added that she wants to be an engineer.

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