Saifi Sironji a world renowned litterateur

October 17, 2023
Saifi Sironji a world renowned litterateur

Saifi Sironji has been actively vibrant in the literary world of Urdu literature for last empteen year. In the fields of criticism, research, journalism and poetry Saifi Sironji’s dedicated services are worth to be noted. Saifi Sironji was born in 1953 in Pigrani Mahu Kheda village of Sironj MP. He has spent his entire childhood in his native village and was much attracted towards Bollywood movies right from his early childhood.

His forefathers were from Gadhi clan who actually occupied higher ranks in the army of king Mohmud Ghori.

People of Gadhi clan (Rajputs) had reverted to Islam after loosing the battle against Prithvi Raj Chouhan. Bravery, hardwork and hospitality is the hallmark of Gadhi clan. People of Gadhi clan were almost illiterate and mostly were associated with rearing of cattle. At the age of six Saifi Sironji’s grandfather sent him to a Madrassa to memorize the glorious Quran.

After memorising some Parahs( juzz/ chapters) of holy Quran, he left the Madrasa only to waste time in watching movies and listening to songs. His passion of listening to songs compelled him to work in a Bidi manufacturing factory where the sound of Radio always pleased him. This Bidi manufacturing unit belonged to famous poet Dilkash Sagri.

In this unit, regular literary and poetic events were held in which prominent poets and litterateurs from all over India would participate. Maximum participants among the audience were unlettered but still they remembered hundreds of poetic couplets. He too used to read the magazine and journals of Urdu which were meant for Dilkash Sagri viz Kitaab, Shabkhoon, Subah Adab and Shaayir. After going through these books of literature, Saifi Sironji also developed an interest in poetry thus went ahead to compose poetic couplets.

Once an all India naatiya mushaira was organised which he too attended and it was his maiden participation in a literary event. In Bidi manufacturing unit, apart from traditional job he would read some novels of Naseem Hijazi eg Akhri Maurka Akhri Chatan, Dastani Mujahid, Yousuf Bin Tashkin, Shaheen and Aur Talwar Toot Gayi etc during literary functions. In Bidi manufacturing unit once he thoroughly read Sadiq Sarhandi’s famous novel Aftabi Alam. He was so impressed by this masterpiece that he composed a 70 lined poem depicting the life of companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Later on he composed some naats which were recited during Milad-un-Nabi during 1970s. With this his poetic items started getting published and in Jarayim for years his Ghazals and Naats were regularly published. The experience of novel reading during literary events helped him in composing stories also and in high-impact Urdu magzines like Roshni Adab, Filmi Sitare, Tamir, Khatooni Mashriq his stories were given due recognition.

When a treasure of books accumulated at his home, he opened a book shop near Nishat Talkies where apart from books, newspapers and magazines too were sold. At his shop then poets assembled all day and night prominent among them were Ismail Zabihi, Talib Irfani, Zia Asadi and Dr Shahid Mir who would recite their poetic items.

Saifi would recite five ghazals each day as he was much passionate. During the times Saifi received his education most of his Gadhi counterparts were almost illiterate and would keep themselves attached to religious literature only.

That is why nowadays we see hundreds of Hufaz among the Gadhi clan. Saifi’s real name is Ramzani because he is born on 13th of Ramzan and Saifi is his pen name. His literary items are presently being published in national and international dailies, weeklies and high-impact Urdu magzines and journals viz Awraq, Makalma, Nigaar, Badban, Kagzi Parahan, Adab Latif, Tashkil, Sadaa, Parwaz,Chaharsu, Takhliq, Roshnayi, Safir Urdu, Nadaib, Jung, Jadid Adab, Hamara Adab Sahil, Suraj etc. In hundreds of Indian Urdu dailies his writings get featured. In 1969 his first writing got published and till date his creative items are continuously being published in popular dailies, weeklies and monthlies on regular basis.

His first poetry collection Roshan Alaw was published in 1985 through the financial aid of MP Urdu academy. So far Saifi Sironji has published 75 books of different genres. Among them Saifi Sironji Shakhsiyat aur Fun was immensely hailed by the literary world. It is a 500 page compilation in which the author has mentioned the factual and real events of his life. He has left no room for the fabricated and fake information in the book. Which is the main reason behind the success and popularity of this book alongside the comprehensive language used by Saifi.

Saifi Sironji has also written a masterpiece travelogue Sironj se London Tak which was widely hailed by the literary world. About this travelogue famous critic of Pakistan Anwar Sadeed has said “ this travelogue is so beautifully written that it has been read by 50 litterateurs and the travelogue is still a travel”. Writers from Canada and London liked it profoundly.

These two books of saifi Sironji were hugely loved by the readers. He has written editorials about Afsana, Novel, Urdu nazm and ghazal for about four years in Intisab Alami which later were published as a collection.

Contemporary scholars get benifitted from his writings after they go through them. Although he has written empteen books on criticism and research but he lacks an interest in reasearch. While writing regular editorials in Intisab Alami, people themselves have labelled him as a researcher and critic and his poetry has got somehow wrapped. Initially he has written a good number of short stories also and two of his collections viz Hum Reh Gaye Akele and Ye Zindagi Ke Malei have already seen the light of the day. When asked about who impressed you most, Saifi Sironji replies “ Except Dr Gopichand Narang none has been able to impress me most”.

It is through Gopichand Narang’s writings and speeches that Saifi Sironji has reached the level of apex. That is why Saifi Sironji has issued special numbers on Gopichand Narang in both Intisab Alami and Alami Zuban besides composing two books which were recieved with love by the literary world. Saifi Sironji has deep affection with Urdu and infact he doesn’t has a strong hold on any other language. Let’s see his one couplet… Pehli kitab jis ne na dekhi tamam umar,

Qudrat Khuda ki sahibi adrak ho gaya.

Saifi Sironji’s dedicated services for Urdu can be assassed from his twin magzines Intisab Alami and Alami Zuban which are regularly published from Sironj MP since 1983.

 He has issued special numbers on legendary litterateurs viz Bashir Badar, Zafar Gorakhpori, Nida Fazili, Hamidi kashmiri, Hafiz Karnataki etc in these magzines. One research scholar has completed his P.hD on literary services of Intisab Alami as well. Saifi Sironji feels dejected and disappointed about diminishing number of Urdu readers. He is of the opinion that Urdu is a big gift from Allah which after English is the only global language spoken by wide range of people. Very fewer people now buy magzines and journals of Urdu which is displeasing. Saifi sites an example of teen aged girl Stuti Agarwal who is a regular subscriber of 30 Urdu magzines. She not only buys them but also reads them and her creative items get regularly published in these magzines. So was her father Anil Agarwal who always purchased books even from his friends. About Urdu language saifi Sironji has composed this couplet…. Tum apne uhad ka wirsa tu kho chuke ho tamam,

Jo Bach sake tu ye Urdu zuban rakh lena.

Saifi Sironji has widely toured to outside country. He has attended international seminars in UK for five years and sold hundreds of copies of Intisab Alami there. He also went to Saudi Arabia, America, Holland, Germany and Pakistan to meet litterateurs and poets of international repute.

 His passion for poetry is reflected from the fact that, to buy a book of Dr Wazir Agha “Urdu shayri ka Mizaj” Saifi Sironji worked continuously for three days and three nights to meet the cost of the book which was merely 75 rupees.

 Poets aren’t merely the players who play with the words, but emotions, pains and societal wrongs are reflected in their poetry. Saifi Sironji is an excellent and skilful poet who doesn’t immitat and follow any other, but he is bestowed with a unique style of composing poetry which is widely applauded by the readers. His journey from his childhood to an author of 75 books is really an amazing one.

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