Maize :Cultivation In Kashmir

October 17, 2023
Maize :Cultivation In Kashmir

aize is cultivated in the Kashmir Valley on a large scale. Maize has great and useful benefits in both food and non-food industrial products. Maize is widely cultivated as a cereal grain in parts of the world, like Central America. One thing is very interesting about maize is, that it is considered as the queen of cereals due to its great genetic yield potential. Maize is one of the cultivated grains on more than 160 hectares across more than 160 countries. America is the largest maize-producing country, accounting for about 35 percent, followed by China, which produces about 20 percent.

India has a great diversity of thousands of food species in the country, but we have to know that, after wheat and rice, maize is the third most important food grain as per the 2010–2011 data. In India, maize is cultivated on 8.6 hectares with 80 percent area during the Kharif season. Indian botanists are producing great new varieties after pollinating this very useful grain, which is maize. The Department of Agriculture needs to help with mass counselling programmes and needs to make maize growers throughout the country aware on a regular basis. As we know, our farmers are very hard workers and play an immense role in boosting the economy of the country to certain limits. So at any level, we need to encourage our farmers and cater to what they need.

Types and taxonomy of maize

Types: white grain, normal yellow, sweet corn, baby corn, popcorn, waxy corn, high amylase corn, high oil corn, etc.

Maize belongs to the maydeae of the grass family Panacea. The botanical name of maize is “Zea Mays.” The number of chromosomes in Zea mays is 2n = 20.

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In Kashmir Valley, maize is widely cultivated on a large to very small scale due to its immense and great benefits. Kupwara, Baramulla, and Budgam are the leading districts in the Kashmir valley in maize production. Most of the maize cultivation in Kashmir Valley is done in the hilly areas. The crop is rain-fed and has great importance in Kashmir Valley.

Maize products:

Maize is a very important crop and has played an important role in the economy of the country for centuries. Corn is also very tasty and has great health benefits. The bread of maize is very tasty and has great health benefits, such as good for digestion, etc. The remaining maize plant is used as fodder during the harsh winters, so this crop is very vital and generates handsome earnings for the farmers.

The government’s administration should provide adequate water facilities to the maize-producing farmers through different centrally sponsored schemes, as we are witnessing that this year farmers are facing water scarcity during the prolonged drought, and this dry season affects maize production during the current season. Maize cultivation needs adequate water facilities.

Health benefits of maize corn:

Despite the fact that we know maize corn is very delicious and has good health benefits as well, it contains minerals and vitamins, is rich in fibre, and contains antioxidants. Good for eye and digestive health, etc. Corn is known as maize and is used as a grain plant.

Nutrition facts:

Vitamins and minerals: maize corn contains vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium and contains vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A. It prevents haemorrhoids, prevents cancer due to the presence of antioxidants in it, promotes growth, helps you gain weight, is good for heart health, prevents anaemia, and is good for eye and skin health. Controls diabetes. It has cosmetic uses as well. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, or any other food item, we eat them all when they are fresh and have great health benefits. Eat healthy and keep healthy.

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Sahil Manzoor


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